Download the program click here.

The file needed to run "viflow" program:

the following are optional files:

To make new input file, click on window with right mouse button and click "Programs...Text Editor." On Text Editor, Click File...Open... Click on Input1.exp ... Then change parameters as needed, and "Save As," giving it a new file name. (a file extension such as .exp is not needed).

To run program, bring up Terminal Window by clicking on background screen with left mouse button, clicking on LocalDtTerm

For Sun Unix version, before running the program type the following command

chmod +x viflow7

Then run the program, simply type


The program will ask names for input file, output file (suggestion: for output file name, use inputfilename with "out" added), and assumed shear height for deccelerating plug, respectively. Provide the names and plug shear thickness code number when asked and hit enter. Code will run and return to prompt. To see output type at prompt: more outputfilename After reviewing output, type q to return to prompt (if you jump into vi editor by mistake, type :q)

If you use DOS version, you do not have to run command 'chmod +x viflow7' above. However, when they are asked, put the names within quote (e.g. 'input1.exp ').

This program can run for several cases at a time,however it will be best if we run case by case. To plot the output, you can use any software (such as Matlab, or download and plot using desireable program such as Excel and Quattro on IBM PC or Macintosh). Since there are three parameters, you can combine any two in an XY plot.