Calipso project


Drilling began in November 2002, and concluded in March 2003. A total of 4 holes were completed to 200 m, with a fifth hole completed to 15 m. The deep holes are installed with strainmeter, three-component geophone, and two-axis tiltmeter arrays, downhole, and capped with an instrumentation crypt supporting CGPS. The stations are Geralds, Trants, Olveston, and Air Studios.

Drilling at Trants began on November 25th, 2002, was completed on December 10th. The full string of instruments was successfully installed in this first successful hole.

The second hole was at Air Studios near the Belham River (begun December 13 and completed to a total depth of 570 ft in excellent rock on January 8th, 2003). The strainmeter was installed at 622 ft on January 12th.

The third hole is at Gerlad’s (near the heliport/airport), and was begun on January 15th, and reached total depth of 679 ft on January 25th. Finally the drilling of the fourth hole, at Olveston, began on January 28th and completed in March, 2003.

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