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Early Earth Photosynthesis
EEP is a collaborative working group with diverse members interested in the ecology and biogeochemistry of photosynthesis in the early earth system. If you are interested in participating, please email the Moderator, Jenn Macalady.
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Maresca, J., Crowe, S. and Macalady, J. L. 2012. Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Anaerobic Photosynthetic Ecosystems. Geobiology 10 (3): 193-195 .

(pdf) Al-Najjar et al. (2009) Conversion and conservation of light energy in a photosynthetic microbial mat ecosystem.

Anaerobic Phototrophic Ecosystems field workshop (Fayetteville Green Lake, NY, October 11-13, 2010)
15th International Congress on Photosynthesis (Beijing, Aug. 22-27, 2010)
Goldschmidt 2010 (Knoxville, USA, June 13-18)--Redox Stratified Ecosystems (session 1g)
13th International Symposium on Phototrophic Prokaryotes (August 9-14, 2009)

Igor Brown, NASA Johnson Space Center (cyanobacteria in extreme environments)
Sean Crowe, University of Southern Denmark (geomicrobiology)
David Fowle, KU (geomicrobiology)
Kate Freeman, PSU (isotope biogeochemistry, organic geochemistry)
Tom Hanson, Delaware Biotechnology Institute (marine microbiology & biochemistry)
Chris House, PSU (metagenomics, microbial geobiology)
David Johnston, Harvard (earth history, isotope geobiology)
Jim Kasting, PSU (planetary evolution)
Lee Kump, PSU (biogeochemistry, ocean/atmosphere evolution)
Jenn Macalady, PSU (microbial ecology, biogeochemistry)
MPI Bremen Microsensor Group (mass transfer phenomena)
Aubrey Zerkle, U. Maryland (biogeochemistry)

Recent Publications
Macalady, J. L., Schaperdoth, I., Iliffe, T. M., Fulton, J. M., Freeman, K. H. and Broad, K. Chlorobi dominate the shallow chemocline of Sawmill Sink, Bahamas. In preparation.

Meyer, K. , Freeman, K. , Macalady, J. L., Fulton, J., Schaperdoth, I., and Kump, L. Benthic okenone production in Fayetteville Green Lake (NY). In review.

(pdf) Johnston et al. (2009) Anoxygenic photosynthesis modulated Proterozoic oxygen and sustained Earth's middle age. PNAS 106(40):16925-16929.

Chan LK, Morgan-Kiss RM, Hanson TE (2009) Functional analysis of three sulfide:quinone oxidoreductase homologs in Chlorobaculum tepidum. J Bacteriol 191 (3):1026-34.

Zerkle, A. L., Farquhar, J., Johnston, D. T., Cox, R. P., and Canfield, D. E. (2009) Fractionation of multiple sulfur isotopes during phototrophic oxidation of sulfide and elemental sulfur by a green sulfur bacterium. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 73: 291-306.

Crowe, S.A., Jones, C., Katsev, S., Magen, C., O'Neill, A., Sturm, A., Canfield, D.E., Haffner, G.D., Mucci, A., Sundby, B., and Fowle, D.A. (2008) Photoferrotrophs thrive in an Archean Ocean analogue. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences 41: 15938-15943.

Meyer, K.J., Kump, L.R., and Ridgwell, A., 2008. The biogeochemical controls on photic-zone euxinia during the end-Permian mass extinction. Geology 36: 747-750.

Kump, L.R., 2008. The rise of atmospheric oxygen. Nature v. 451: 277-278.

Broun, I., Mummey, D., and Cooksey, K. E. (2005) A novel cyanobacterium exhibiting an elevated tolerance for iron. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 52: 307-314.

Penn State Science Diving Program
Osservatorio Geologico di Coldigioco, Italy
Young Bahamian Marine Scientists
Greg Druschel, U. Vermont
Little Salt Spring Ecological Preserve, U. of Miami
Bahamas Caves Research Foundation
Tom Iliffe, TAMUG
Bill Burgos, PSU

Proterozoic stromatolites (~ 2 Byr old). Photo Jenn Macalady (PSU).

Sulfidic Springs, Central Italy (2006-)
Green phototrophs and sulfur-oxidizing chemotrophs, source spring 800 uM sulfide. Photo Jenn Macalady (PSU).

Sulfidic Springs, Central Italy (2006-)
Purple and green phototrophs, source spring 250 uM sulfide. Photo Greg Druschel (U. Vermont).

Fayetteville Green Lake, NY (2006-)
Science divers Lee Kump and Tim White (PSU) prepare to investigte benthic microbial mats intersecting the chemocline in meromictic Green Lake. Photo Jenn Macalady (PSU).

Lake Matano, Sulawesi (2004-)
Ph.D. student Arne Sturm measures a geochemical profile in Lake Matano. Photo Sean Crowe (University of Southern Denmark).

Florida sinkholes (2009- )
Bubbles from science divers Tim White (PSU) and Rick Riera-Gomez (U. Miami) collecting phototrophic mats. Photo Jenn Macalady (PSU).

Bahamas sinkholes (2008- )
Anchialine sinkhole with phototrophic chemocline. Photo Jenn Macalady (PSU).

Acid Mine Drainage (2009- )
Phototrophic mats in acidic, iron-rich spring basin, Pennsylvania. Photo courtesy of Bill Burgos (PSU).

Chocolate Pots hot spring, Yellowstone NP, USA
Source of iron-tolerant cyanobacteria. Photo courtesy of Igor Broun.



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