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The Geomicrobiology Lab is housed in ~800 sq. ft. of space on the 2nd floor of the Deike Building adjacent to existing labs for Microbial Geobiology (Chris House), Isotope Biogeochemistry (Kate Freeman), and Aqueous Geochemistry (Sue Brantley). The new lab is designed to facilitiate the flow of people and ideas between labs.

Lab Equipment
ASE II accelerated solvent extractor
Agilent LC-MS
ICS 2500 Dionex ion chromatography system
Baker biosafety hood
Nikon 80i epifluorescence/DIC/phase microscope with CCD camera
8-processor (2.6 GHz each) bioinformatics computing cluster, shared with House Lab
Expedition and Field Microbiology Equipment
  YSI datalogging sonde
  Hach portable spectrophotometer
Enmet Gas Meters
Olympus stylus tough digital cameras, Firefly slave, external flashes
Incredible, unforgettable Nikon Coolpix 4500 (gone but not forgotten)
vertical caving gear
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