Keller Research Group


Carl Fredrick Aquino, Undergraduate student. Undergraduate thesis, M.S. student starting summer 2020

Casey Helgeson (Assistant Research Professor, co-advised with Nancy Tuana, his main advisor)

Benjamin Seiyon Lee (Ph.D. Student in Statistics, co-advised with Murali Haran, his main advisor)

Frank C. Erickson (Ph.D. Student, co-advising with David Anthoff at the University of California, Berkeley)

Haochen Ye (Ph.D. Student in Geosciences at Penn State, co-advised with Rob Nicholas)

Junyin Xiao, Undergraduate honors student, Undergraduate thesis.

Klaus Keller (Purchaser of Chocolate)

Nastaran Tebyanian (Ph.D. student in Architecture, main advisor Lisa Iulo)

Sanjib Sharma (Postdoc)

Naomi Radke (Ph.D. Student, co-advising with Marc Hanewinkel, her main advisor at the Universit├Ąt Freiburg (Germany).

Robert Fuller (Ph.D. Student in Geosciences)

Vivek Srikrishnan (Assistant Research Professor)

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