1985 Proceedings - 17th Biennial Conference

Held at University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky
June 16 - 21, 1985

Carbonization and Graphitization (CG)

Diffusion in Porous Carbon Artifacts

T. G. Politis and C. F. Chang

Pitch Carbonization

T. G. Politis and C. F. Chang

Kinetics of Petroleum Pitch Polymerization by Gel Permeation Chromatography

R. A. Greinke

Kinetics Studies of Carbonization of Pure Aromatic Hydrocarbons

D. K. Banerjee

Kinetics of Carbon Formation Over Iron-Foils from CO and CO/He Mixtures

E. D. Fernandez-Raone and A. I. LaCava

Carbonization of Some Organic Polymers previously Impregnated with Fe(NO3)3

J. D. Lopez-Gonzalez, A. Guerrero-Ruiz, F. Rodriguez-Reinoso and I. Rodriguez-Ramos

Reflux Pretreatment of Hydropyrene and Its Chemistry

Y. Korai, H. Hatano and I. Mochida

Synthesis and Characterization of Mesophase Spheres from Hydropyrene

I. Mochida, Y. Korai, H. Fujitsu and H. Hatano

Carbonization of Pitch in Porosity

C. S. Latham and H. Marsh

Development of Pore Size Distribution and Physical Properties of Carbons During Baking

R. Heilman and D. Kehr

Characterization of Charcoals by Adsorption and Immersion Techniques

J. B. Donnet, A. Addoun, F. Addoun and P. Ehrburger

Texture of Active Carbons

J. B. Donnet

Electrical Resistivity Measurements of Carbon Electrodes

C. Q. Nguyen

Puffing of Carbon Artifacts During Graphitization

M. H. Wagner and I. Letizia

The Chemical Vapor Deposition of Carbon in Open-Ended Capillary Tubes

Y. Sohda and R. J. Diefendorf

Aromatic Asphaltenes, Part II: Asphaltenes of Heavy Aromatics

G. B. Dickakian

Effect of Heat Treatment on the Properties of Asphaltenes from Bitumen

B. N. Nandi, J. A. MacPhee and D. J. Patmore

Mesophase Formation in Hydrocarbon Fractions of Bitumen

B. N. Nandi, D. J. Patmore, D. K. Banerjee and K. J. Laidler

Compatibility of Fractions for the Development of Liquid Crystal State from Mesophase Pitch

I. Mochida, Y. Sone and Y. Korai

Development of Anisotropic Texture in Co-Carbonization of Low Rank Coal and Pitch

T. Yokono, S. Iyama and Y. Sanada

Coal Evaluation Method Based on Compatibility of Coal and Pitch

K. Nakamura, M. Mori, T. Yokono and Y. Sanada

Effect of Alkaline Hydroxides in the Carbonization of Coals

P. Ehrburger, A. Addoun, F. Addoun and J. B. Donnet

Carbonization and Graphitization of the Mesophase Separated from Coal Extract

S. Jasienko and U. Swietlik

The Dependence of Coal Properties on Heat Consumption for Carbonization

M. Hijiriyama, A. Kitahara and S. Nishida

High beta-Resin Pitch From Coal Tar Using Submerged Combustion Flame

Y. Yokomichi, Y. Matsumura, M. Saito and T. Maeda

Delayed Cokes from Solvent Refined Coals

M. B. Dell

Reflux Modification of Ehylene Tar (ETP) into Mesophase Pitch Precursor with Less Amounts of Aluminum Chloride

I. Mochida, Y. Sone and Y. Korai

Roles of Extrahydrogen in the Preparation of Mesophase Pitch

Y. D. Park, Y. Korai and I. Mochida

Preparation of Anisotropic Pitch by the Carbonization Under Vacuum

Y. D. Park, Y. Korai and I. Mochida

EPR/ENDOR of Separated Fractions of Mesophase Pitches

L. S. Singer, I. C. Lewis and D. M. Riffle

Investigation of the Early Stage of Carbonization for Petroleum Pitch by Means of High-Temperature 1H-NMR and ESR

K. Azami, T. Yokono, Y. Sanada and S. Uemura

Pitch-Mesophase-Carbon Transformation Diagrams for a Variety of Pitches

B. Rand, M. Benn and S. Whitehouse

Oxidation Stabilization of the Carbonaceous Mesophase

J. L. White and P. M. Sheaffer

Mesophase/Isotropic Phase Interfacial Energy: Determination from Droplet Coalescence Kinetics

G. W. Smith, J. L. White and M. Buechler

Rheological Characteristics of Mesophase Forming Pitch Materials up to 500 °C

G. Bhattia, E. Fitzer and D. Kompalik

Flow Properties and Glass Transition of Coal Tar Pitches

P. Ehrburger, J-L. Saint-Romain, J. Lahaye and P. Couderc

Thermotropic Behaviors of the Mesophase Pitch Derived from Coal Tar Pitches

T. Tosu, Y. Korai and I. Mochida

Kinetic Studies on the Carbonization Reactivities of Coal Tar Pitches

T. Tosu, H. Nagino and I. Mochida

Carbonization of Coker Feedstocks and their Fractions

S. Eser, R. G. Jenkins, M. Malladi and F. J. Derbyshire

A Tube Bomb as a Model for Delayed Coker

I. Mochida, Y. Nesumi and Y. Korai

Evaluation of Petroleum Residues and Pitches as the Needle Coke Feedstock

I. Mochida, Y. Nesumi and Y. Korai

Calcination - The Effect of Maximum Heat Treatment Temperature on the Properties of Coke (Part II)

M. H. Wagner, H. Pauls, H. Tillmanns and G. Wilhelmi

Structure and Synthesis of Shot Coke

I. Mochida, T. Furuno, Y. Korai and H. Fujitsu

Structure in Shot Coke

C. Calvert, H. Marsh and J. Bacha

Influencing Factors on the Strength of Formed Coke Produced from Copreheated Coals

Y. Korai, K. Nagayama, T. Shimohara, T. Okuhara and I. Mochida

Intercalation Science (IS)

Charge-Transfer-Induced Shifts in the c-axis Longitudinal Phonons of Graphite-H2SO4

P. C. Eklund, J. L. Zerestky and W. A. Kamitakahara

13C NMR of Intercalation Compounds of Graphite and other Benzenoid Systems

L. B. Ebert, A. R. Garcia and D. R. Mills

13C NMR and Charge Transfer in Graphite Intercalation Compounds

T. Tsang and H. A. Resing

Resonance Raman Scattering from the High Frequency Intralayer Phonons in Graphite H2SO4 via Interband Absorption

P. C. Eklund, J. G. Spolar, G. D. Mahan and E. T. Arakawa

A General Theory for the Kinetics of Intercalation of Graphite

D. D. L. Chung and S. H. Anderson Axdal

Reaction of Chloroacids with Graphite

E. Stumpp, K. Klink and C. Ehrhardt

The Reaction of Potassium and Potassium Salts with Carbons of Different HTT and Structure

H. Marsh, N. Murdie and M-F. Lin

Intercalation of Perfluoroalkylsulfonic Acids in Graphite

H. P. Boehm and B. Ruisinger

The Preparation of Graphite Salts Using Anodic Oxidation Method

X. Zhong-yu and M. Ziao-wen

Alkali-Metal Diffusion in Ternary Graphite Intercalation Compounds

P. C. Chow and H. Zabel

The Effect of Hydrogen Doping on the Superconducting Transition Temperature of KHG-GIC

G. Roth, A. Chaiken, T. Enoki, N. C. Yeh, G. Dresselhaus and P. Tedrow

Electron Transport in GIC's with IC1

Y. Ohta, K. Kawamura and T. Tsuzuku

Charge Transfer and Diamagnetism of Halogen Residue Compounds of Pyrocarbons and Their Hysteretic Behavior at High Temperatures

A. Marchand and P. Espelette

Effect of Heat of Intercalation on Graphite Temperature

Ching-cheh Hung

Anticorrelation of Shubnikov-deHaas Amplitudes and Negative Magnetoresistances in Intercalated Graphite Fibers

J. A. Woollam, V. Natarajan and B. Brandt

Electromechanical and Electrical Behavior of Intercalated Graphite

D. D. L. Chung and Lan Wai Wong

Exfoliation of Benzene-Derived Graphite Fibers

H. Jimenez-Gonzalez, G. Roth and M. S. Dresselhaus

Effect of Intercalation Rate on Bromine Intercalated Graphite Fiber Quality

D. Jaworske

A Comparison of Electrical Properties of Unintercalated, and Intercalated Vapor Grown and Pitch Based Carbon Fibers

J. A. Woollam, R. O. Dillon, D. E. Meyer, S. Nafis, D. J. Sellmyer and J. Ho

Homogeneity of Pristine and Bromine Intercalated Graphite Fibers

J. R. Gaier and D. Marino

A Gravimetric Study of Intercalation and Deintercalation of Various Quantities of Graphite Fibers

Ching-cheh Hung

Orientation of Graphite Planes in Carbon Fibers via Carbon-13 NMR Spectroscopy

H. A. Resing, J. Milliken, D. D. Dominguez and L. E. Iton

The Gibbs Phase Diagram for Potassium-Ammonia-Carbon Ternary Graphite Intercalation Compounds

Y. B. Fan and S. A. Solin

Preferred Orientation of Ammonia in KC24(NH3)4.3 Found by Proton NMR Spectroscopy

H. A. Resing, B. R. York, S. A. Solin and R. M. Fromko

Structural Properties and Magnetic Susceptibility of Potassium-Hydrogen Intercalated Graphite

N. C. Yeh, T. Enoki, L. Salamanca-Riba and G. Dresselhaus

Electrical Properties of KH-Graphite Ternary Compounds: C4nKHx

T. Enoki, N. C. Yeh, G. Roth, G. Dresselhaus and M. S. Dresselhaus

Novel Ternary Donor-Acceptor Heterostructure: Stage 1 COCl2-K-GIC

M. Suzuki, P. C. Chow and H. Zabel

X-Ray Study of Single Crystal Stage 4 MoCl5-Graphite Intercalation Compound

P. C. Chow, M. Suzuki and H. Zabel

Structural Characteristics of Sulfuric-Acid Graphite Compounds During Electrochemical Intercalation

W. A. Kamitakahara, J. L. Zarestky and P. C. Eklund

High Resolution Electron Microscopy Studies of SbCl5-GIC

L. Salamanca-Riba, J. M. Gibson and G. Dresselhaus

Characterization of CuCl2 Intercalated Graphite Powders by Thermal Analysis and X-Ray Diffraction

G. P. Davis, A. R. McGhie and A. E. Wright

Structure and Phase Transitions of Graphite Intercalated with Bromine

D. D. L. Chung

Surface Science (SS)

Bynary Vapor Adsorption by Activated Carbon Under Dynamic Flow Conditions

L. A. Jonas and E. B. Sansone

Techniques for Determining Mixed Vapor Adsorption on Activated Carbon

W. C. Russell, K. B. Patel, H. Patel and P. J. Reucroft

Dynamic and Equilibrium Mixed Vapor Adsorption Studies on Activated Carbon

K. B. Patel, W. C. Russell, H. Patel and P. J. Reucroft

Dynamics of Multicomponent Adsorption in Fixed Bed Carbon Columns

I. Zwiebel and J. A. Rehrmann

Adsorbent Surface Area Determination by Measurement of Adsorption from Liquid Mixtures

S. Sircar

Surface Complexes on Activated Carbons for Removal of Metal Ions from Water

J. Rivera-Utrilla and M. A. Ferro-Garcia

Adsorption of Halogens by Activated Carbon and Fresh and Oxidised Coals

N. M. Rodriguez and H. Marsh

Influence of Particle Boundary Area on the Dynamic Adsorption from Air-Vapor Mixtures

V. R. Deitz, J. A. Rehrmann and J. V. Pistritto

Cyclic Adsorption of Hydrogen Cyanide Cyanogen Chloride and Phosgene on BPL Carbon

A. H. Weiss and C. M. Venkat

The Determination of Pore Structure in Graphites from Low Pressure Gas Flow Measurements

T. J. Mays and B. McEnaney

Porosity Measurements in Prebaked Pitch-Coke Artifacts

J. Lahaye, C. Dreyer, P. Ehrburger and J. L. Lemarchand

CO2 vs N2 as Adsorbates for the Characterization of Microporous Carbons

F. Rodriguez-Reinoso, A. Linares-Solano, J. M. Martin-Martinez, J. Garrido-Segovia and M. Molina-Sabio

The Determination of Micropore Volumes of Active Carbons using Nonane Preadsorption and Isotherm Subtraction

A. Linares-Solano, J. M. Martin-Martinez, B. McEnaney and F. Rodriguez-Reinoso

Collapse Srength of Thermal Black Pellets Briquettes Containing Varying Amounts of Adsorbate

A. J. Juhola

Mathematical Modelling of Diffusive Potentials within Carbon Molecular Sieves

M. B. Rao, R. G. Jenkins and W. A. Steele

Inferences on the Mechanism of Adsorption in Supermicropores from Potential Calculations or Noble Gas Adsorption

M. B. Rao and R. G Jenkins

Aging of Cupric Oxide Supported on Activated Carbon

P. Ehrburger, J-M. Henlin and J. Lahaye

Effect of Carbon Surface Oxidation on the Catalytic Properties of Carbon-Supported Metals

A. W. Scaroni, G. M. K. Abotsi, J. M. Solar and F. J. Derbyshire

Chemisorption, Desorption and Hydrogenation of CO on Fe/Active Carbon Catalysts

J. D. Lopez-Gonzalez, A. Guerrero-Ruiz and I. Rodriguez-Ramos

Kinetic Study of NO Reduction with Ammonia over PAN-ACF Activated with Sulfuric Acid

Y. Komatsubara, I. Mochida, H. Fujitsu, T. Mozojiri and S. Ida

Catalytic Dehydrogenation Properties of Supported Carbons

J. F. Roth

Hydrogen Pulsing as a Measure of Chemical Activity of ASC Whetlerite

A. Sacco, Jr. and J. Hammarstrom

Iron Catalized Activation of Almond Shells in CO2

F. Rodriguez-Reinoso, M. Almela-Alarcon, A. Linares-Solano, C. Salinas-Martinez de Lecea and A. Sepulveda-Escribano

Steam vs CO2 Activation in the Development of the Porous Texture of Activated Carbons

F. Rodriguez-Reinoso, A. Linares-Solano, M. Molina-Sabio and I. Perez-Lledo

Carbon Molecular Sieves Produced by the Fixation of Sulphur Surface Complexes

I. Fernandez-Morales, F. J. Lopez-Garzon, M. Domingo-Garcia and C. Moreno-Castilla

Study by Gas-Chromatography of the Variation of the Adsorptive Properties of a Graphitized Carbon Black Upon Air Oxidation

F. J. Lopez-Garzon, C. Moreno-Castilla and M. Domingo-Garcia

Development of Mesoporosity in Activated Charcoals Cloths

J. J. Freeman, F. G. R. Gimblett, R. A. Roberts and K. S. W. Sing

Effect of Activated Carbon Pore Structure on Dynamic Adsorption Zone, Paper II

A. J. Juhola

Reactivity and Oxidation (RO)

Catalytic Gasification of Carbons of Different Optical Textures

H. Marsh and C. Calvert

Kinetics and FTIR Studies of the Catalytic Gasification of Coal Chars

E. E. Wolf and S. J. Yuh

Reversible Gasification/Deposition Behavior of Iron Particles on Graphite in Ethane/Steam

R. T. K. Baker and R. D. Sherwood

Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide on Carbon-Supported Metal Oxides

V. R. Deitz and E. J. Poziomek

Outgassing and CO2 Gasification of Potassium Carbonate/Carbon: Influence of Catalyst Content

F. Kapteijn, G. Abbel and J. Moulijn

Reduction of NOx over Carbon Supported Catalysts

F. Kapteijn, A. J. C. Mierop and J. Moulijn

Interactions between Carbon and Alkali Metals During Catalytic Carbon Gasification

F. Shadman and D. A. Sams

Eutectic Salt Catalysts for Graphite and Coal Char Gasification

D. W. McKee, C. L. Spiro, P. G. Kosky and E. J. Lamby

The Mechanism of the Catalytic Gasification of Carbons: The Current State of Our Understanding

B. J. Wood

Effect of Small Concentrations of CO on Rate of Gasification of Spectroscopic Graphite in O2

J. M. Ranish and P. L. Walker, Jr.

The Effects of Chlorine Pretreatment on the Reactivity of Graphite in Air

D. W. McKee and C. L. Spiro

Reactivity of Carbon Reductants for Smelting Applications

M. D. Young, K. M. Panichella and V. D. Dosaj

An Approach for Enhancing the Stability of Bipolar Plate Materials Through Application of a Glassy Carbon Coating

J. MacDonald and P. Stonehart

Combustion of Coal Particles in a High Temperature Gradient

J. Lahaye, D. Froelich, G. Prado and S. Corbel

Oxidation of Soot in a Diffusion Flame

G. Prado, J. Lahaye and A. Garo

The Role of the Surface Complex in the Kinetics of the Reaction of Oxygen with Carbon

M. H. Back and S. Ahmed

Oxidative Degradation of Carbons in Alkaline Media

G. Mair, T. Stohr and H. P. Boehm

Factors Controlling the Mode by Which a Catalyst Operates in the Graphite-Oxygen Reaction

R. T. K. Baker

The Influence of Heat Treatment of the Matrix on Physical Properties of Carbon-Carbon Composites

L. A. Feldman, S. R. Gyetvay and R. A. Meyer

Hydrogasification of Carbons from Coals to Produce Methane: Kinetics and Catalysis

H. Marsh, R. F. Watson and I. A. S. Edwards

A Study of the C+H2 Reaction, Taking into Account H2 Chemisorption

A. S. Feedosev

Monolayer Channeling Mechanism in the Platinum Catalyzed Graphite-Hydrogen Reaction

P. J. Goethel and R. T. Yang

Hydrogen Chemisorption in the Mechanism of Gas-Carbon Reactions

R. T. Yang and K. L. Yang

The Use of Nonequilibrium Phase Diagrams to Investigate Carbon Formation from Multicomponent Gas Mixtures Over Transition Metals

A. Sacco, Jr.

A Study of Carbon Formation on Noble-Metal Steam Reforming Catalysts

J. G. McCarty, B. J. Wood and H. Wise

Carbon Deposit and Metal Surface Morphology during Hydrocarbon Synthesis

K. C. Khulbe, M. H. Back and J. Galuszka

Electronic and Properties of Carbon and Graphite Systems (EP)

Electrical Properties of Ion Implanted Polydiacetylene Crystals

M. Sakamoto, B. Wasserman, M. S. Dresselhaus and G. E. Wnek

Optical Properties of Amorphous Carbon Films by Ion Sputtering Technique

Y. F. Ohashi and S. Masaki

Optical and Microstructural Studies of "Diamondlike" Carbon Films using Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

G. H. Bu-Abbud, P. Snyder, J. A. Woollam, J. Oh, J. Lamb and A. K. Rai

A Chemical Theory of Graphite

S. E. Stein and R. L. Brown

Dielectric Response of "Diamondlike" Carbon Films Prepared by RF Plasma Deposition

J. D. Lamb and J. A. Woollam

Thermoelectric Power of Glassy Carbon

Y. Kaburagi, Y. Hishiyama, D. F. Baker and R. H. Bragg

Evaluation of the Critical Commutating Current Densities of Carbon Brushes by Thermal Shock Testing

S. Sato, A. Kurumada, Y. Sho and S. Motegi

Negative Magnetoresistance of Carbon Fibers

K. Sugihara and M. S. Dresselhaus

Magnetoresistance of Graphite Fibers: II. Experimental

M. Z. Tahar, K. Sugihara, M. S. Dresselhaus, I. Rahim and J. Heremans

Electrical Resistivity and Magnetoresistance of Graphite Fibers: II. Theoretical

K. Sugihara, I. Rahim, M. Z. Tahar and M. S. Dresselhaus

Electrical Properties of Graphitic Pitch-Based Fibers at High Pressure

P. D. Hambourger

Hydrostatic Pressure Piezoresistance of Carbon Fibers

D. B. Fischbach

The Temperature Dependence of the Thermoelectric Power and Electrical Conductivity of Graphite Fibers

J. P. Heremans

The Thermal Conductivity of Graphite Fibers

J. P. Heremans

The Thermal Conductivity of Vapor-Grown Graphite Fibers: Relation to their Microstructure

J. P. Heremans and C. P. Beetz, Jr.

Fibers and Composites (FC)

Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fibers Grown by the Pyrolysis of Natural Gas

C. P. Beetz, Jr., W. E. Yetter and G. W. Budd

Length Distributions of Carbon Fibers Grown from Natural Gas

G. G. Tibbetts

Vapor-grown Carbon Fibers obtained by Fluid Ultra-Fine Catalytic Particles

M. Endo, M. Shikata, T. Momose and M. Shiraishi

Morphology of Heat-treated Benzene-derived Carbon Fiber

A. Yoshida, Y. Hishiyama and M. Endo

Effects of Weak Interfaces on Thermal Expansion of 3D Carbon-Carbon Composites

J. Jortner

The Physical Chemistry of the Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Resin Interface

R. J. Diefendorf and C. E. Uzoh

Effect of HTT on the Physical Properties of Carbon Fibers

L. Min-jing and J. Dong-hua

Carbon Fibers: I. Physical Characterization of Pitch and PAN Fibers

I. M. K. Ismail

Carbon Fibers: II. Oxidation of Pitch and PAN Fibers

I. M. K. Ismail

Morphology and Oxidative Stabilization of Acrylic Precursor Fibers

A. S. Abhiraman, M. Balasubramanian, M. K. Jain and P. Desai

Evolution of Structure and Properties in Continuous Carbon Fiber Formation

A. S. Abhiraman, M. Balasubramanian and M. K. Jain

Pre-Heat Treatment of Carbon Fibers for all Carbon Composites (CFRC)

E. Fitzer, A. Gkogkidis and A. Rajamohan

The Surface Groups in HT-Carbon Fibres and their Contribution to the Adhesion in CFRP's

E. Fitzer and H. Jager

A Theoretical Calculation of Residual Stresses in Carbon Fibers

R. J. Diefendorf and K-J. Chen

The Effect of Heat Treatment on the Structure and Properties of Mesophase Precursor Carbon Fibers

G. D. D'Abate and R. J. Diefendorf

High Temperature Creep Effects in Carbon Yarns and Composites

L. A. Feldman

Magnetic Field Alignment of Carbon Composite Matrix

J. Zimmer and R. Weitz

Characterization of Carbon-Carbon Composite Materials

B. A. Ford, R. G. Cooke and B. Harris

Carbon Fiber Efficiency in Thin Carbon-Carbon Panels

D. F. Baker and P. C. Pinoli

The Strength Distribution in Etched Carbon Fibers

K-J. Chen and R. J. Diefendorf

Chemical Barrier Nonwoven Fabrics Containing Active Carbon Fibers

E. C. Homonoff, C. A. Rodman and G. N. Arons

Comparison of the Influence of Cutting Methods on Mechanical Strength Between New Glass-Like Carbon Composites and Conventional Glassy Carbon

S. Murakami, Y. Komatsu, T. Uemura and T. Obinata

Carbon Chemistry of Carbon/TiB2 Composites

A. V. Cooke and D. C. Nagle

Parameter Study of Carbon/Carbon in Hot Pressing Applications

W. Huettner and R. Weiss

Magnaweave and Carbon-Carbon Composite Shapes

R. A. Florentine and A. Martella, Jr.

Nuclear Applications (NA)

Parametric Investigations on the Retention of Methyl Iodide by Activated Carbons

H. Deuber and K. Gerlach

Investigations on the Aging of Activated Carbons in the Exhaust Air of Pressurized Water Reactors

H. Deuber, K. Gerlach and R. Kaempffer

Oxidation Kinetics Study on HTGR Graphites, 2020 and PGX

Bom Soon Lee and J. H. Heiser, III

The Influence of Radiolytic and Thermal Oxidation on the Mechanical Properties of Nuclear Graphites

T. D. Burchell, R. G. Cooke, B. McEnaney and I. M. Pickup

The Influence of Grain Size Distribution on a Fracture Criterion for Graphites

T. D. Burchell, B. McEnaney, A. P. G. Rose and M. O. Tucker

Effects of Fast Neutron Irradiation on Carbon Fibers

R. J. Price, G. R. Hopkins and G. B. Engle

Materials for Sliding Ring Seals of the German Spallation Neutron Source

R.-E. Schulze, W. Delle, H. Nickel, H. A. Schulze, W. F. Sommer and K. H. Victor

Warm-Moulded Graphitic Matrix for Spherical HTR Fuel Elements

W. Delle, R.-E. Schulze, L. Binkele, G. Haag, W. Heit and H. A. Schulze

Results of the Visual In-Pile Inspection of the Inner Graphite Reflector of the AVR

W. Delle, N. Kirch, H. Nickel and E. Ziermann

Characterization and Structure (CS)

Viscosity and WLF-Type Behavior of Mesophase Pitches

F. F. Nazem and I. C. Lewis

Quantitative Determination of Anisotropic Domain Size in Mesophase Pitch

R. T. Lewis, I. C. Lewis, R. A. Greinke and S. L. Strong

High Resolution 13C-NMR Spectroscopy of Neat Coal Extracts and Coal Tar Pitches

N. Komatsu, T. Nishizawa, T. Takahashi and K. Shimasaki

Supercritical Solvent Extraction of Lignite to Form Carbonaceous Chars

J. Dollimore, M. Swanson and R. Hefta

Preferred Orientation of the Internal Structure of Carbon Layers in Carbon Fibers

W. Ruland and R. Plaetschke

An Estimation of the Degree of Surface Heterogeneity of Carbons

K. C. Nagpal, D. K. Suri and P. T. John

Characteristics and Structure of a New Fine Particle Graphite Material

F. T. Frick, W. H. Brixius and L. D. Fiel

Thermal Expansion Coefficients of Baked and Graphitized Carbon Extrudates

R. S. Downing and D. A. Borger

An Improved Method for the Rapid, Small-Scale Determination of the Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Needle Coke

D. A. Borger and R. S. Downing

TEM and TED Observations of Carbon Films Produced by Plasma CVD of Propane Gas

Y. Ichinose, Y. Hirotsu and F. Iyama

Particle Size of Coke Filler Fines

W. Bradshaw and J. Lowe

Trace Elements Distributions of a Granular Activated Carbon

K. T. Alben

NMR Spin-Lattice (T1) Measurement on Carbon Materials

S. B. Tilden

Conversion of the Broad EPR Signals to Intermediate Linewidth During the Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Blacks in Dispersion

J. R. Harbour and M. J. Walzak

Raman Studies of Graphitic Carbon Modified by High Power Laser Irradiation

J. Steinbeck, G. Braunstein, M. S. Dresselhaus, G. Dresselhaus, T. Venkatesan and D. Jacobson

Surface Graphitization of Glass-Like Carbons: Microprobe Raman Observations

D. B. Fischbach and F. Cruege

Mechanical and Thermal Properties (MT)

Thermal Diffusivity Measurements of Carbon Insulations

R. E. Taylor, H. Groot and R. L. Shoemaker

Mechanical Properties of Isotropic Pyrolytic Carbon Deposited in a Tumbling Bed

Jai-Young Lee, Choon W. O and S. M. Oh

Die Swell of Carbonaceous Mixes

W-M. Shen, F. F. Nazem

Critical Pressure-Velocity Values of Carbons for Mechanical Seals Evaluated by Thermal Shock Testings

S. Sato, J. Aizawa and K. Kawamata

Puffing in Cokes - A Possible Mechanism

I. Mochida and H. Marsh

Extrusion Process Modeling

W-M. Shen and C-F. Chang

An Analysis of Tensile Failure Process of 3-D Carbon-Carbon Composites

J. Dong-Hua and L. Min-Jing

Modeling Electrode Joints in Bending

R. E. Smith

Prediction of Strength for Graphite with Density Gradient

S. Yoda, T. Sogabe, M. Eto and T. Oku

Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Extruded Graphites

E. P. Kennedy

Fracture Toughness of Anisotropic Graphites

C. R. Kennedy and M. T. Kehne

Industrial Applications (IA)

Wetting of Filler by Binder - A Simple Apparatus for Determining Wetting Temperatures

E. A. Heintz

Quality Assessment of Binder Pitches

M. H. Wagner, I. Letizia, S. Giannini, H. Tillmanns and G. Wilhelmi

Rheological Properties and Behavior of Modified Coal Tar Pitch in Soderberg Use

R. K. Rawat and L. R. Duara

Characterization of Charge Transfer Adducts of Coal-Tar Pitches

M. Sato, Y. Matsui and K. Fujimoto

QI Analysis by Microwave Absorption

M. Sorlie and K. Torklep

Improvement of Puffing by the Two-Stage Calcining Method

T. Nakagawa, H. Yamasaki, H. Tanaka and R. Hishiyama

Puffing Inhibitors for Coal Tar Based Needle Coke

M. Yamada, M. Sato, K. Fujimoto, R. Yamashita and K. Shibata

ESR Investigations Related to Carbonization Tendency

L. R. Rudnick, D. R. Tueting and J. L. Sinclair

Characterization of Volatile Matter in Raw Petroleum Coke and Possibilities of In-Situ utilization for Better Yield and Properties of Calcined Product

R. K. Rawat and L. R. Dura

Oxidation-Resistance of Industrial Carbon and Graphite Grades

A. E. Kindler

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