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Derek Elsworth, Semih Eser, and Jonathan Mathews 

Energy and Mineral Engineering, PSU



The Center for Advanced Undergraduate Study and Experience (CAUSE) is a formalized research experience for senior undergraduates, that investigates a unique and unrepeated theme. A small group of students (~12-16) are invited to participate in the course, that typically involves a course of field study or field work.


CAUSE 2013 is investigating the roles that energy has played in the evolution of New Zealand from rural, to agrarian, to an industrial society and contrasting this with parallel development in the United States and in Australia. 


Following are some of the products from the students who participated in this class.......


Contemporary View of Energy and Society

        The New World of Oil

        Securing the Supply

        The Electric Age

        New Energies – The Road to the Future


Energy - Analysis of Energy Supply

        A US and Global Perspective on Coal

        A US and Global Perspective on Petroleum & Natural Gas

        A US and Global Perspective on Nuclear Energy

        A US and Global Perspective on Non-Depletable Energy Resources


Contextual Studies - Energy in New Zealand

        Travel Itinerary         Map

        Dispatches from the Field   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12  


Final Projects

        New Zealand’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority and Their Success

        Origins of Different Sustainability Metrics and Norms Between New Zealand and the United States

        Wind Energy Policy


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