Penn State's Structural Geology Class Notes

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Department of Geosciences
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The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, Pennsylvania 16802

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Files for Structural Geology
File Content  File to Download
 Lecture 1: Parameters of Structural Geology lect01.rtf
 Lecture 2: Mathematics of Structural Geology lect02.rtf
 Lecture 3: Deformation Mapping lect03.rtf
 Lecture 4: Deform. & Displacement Gradients lect04.rtf
 Lecture 5: Examples of Geological Deformation lect05.rtf
 Lecture 6: The Displacement Gradient (Part II) lect06.rtf
 Lecture 7: Rotational vs. Irrotational Strain lect07.rtf
 Lecture 8: Strain Markers & Rock Strain lect08.rtf
 Lecture 9: Properties of Tensors lect09.rtf
 Lecture 10: Introduction to Stress lect10.rtf
 Lecture 11: The Force-Balance Problem lect11.rtf
 Lecture 12: The Mohr Circle and Earth Stress lect12.rtf
 Lecture 13: Coulomb Failure Criterion lect13.rtf
 Lecture 14: Microcracks and Shear Fracturing lect14.rtf
 Lecture 15: First Exam
 Lecture 16: Stress Concentration lect16.rtf
 Lecture 17: Crack Propagation and Jointing lect17.rtf
 Lecture 18: Effective Stress lect18.rtf
 Lecture 19: Joint Patterns lect19.rtf
 Lecture 20: Friction lect20.rtf
 Lecture 21: Fault Rocks lect21.rtf
 Lecture 22: Mechanics of Faulting lect22.rtf
 Lecture 23: Thrust Faults lect23.rtf
 Lecture 24: Normal Faults lect24.rtf
 Lecture 25: Strike-slip Faulting lect25.rtf
 Lecture 26: Geometry of Folds lect26.rtf
 Lecture: First Field Trip Trip.rtf
 Lecture 27: Buckle Folds lect27.rtf
 Lecture 28: Kink Folds lect28.rtf
 Lecture 29: Fold-Thrust Belts lect29.rtf
 Lecture 30: Cleavage lect30.rtf
 Lecture 31: Foliation and Lineation lect31.rtf
 Lecture 32: Second Exam
 Lectures 33-34: Ductile Deformation Mechanisms lect33.rtf
 Lectures 35-36: Deformation Mechanism Maps lect35.rtf
 Lecture 37: Tectonites
 Lecture 38: Shear Zones
 Lecture 39: Paleozoic Geology of the Cordillera lect39.rtf
 Lecture 40: Mesozoic Geology of the Cordillera lect40.rtf
 Lecture 41: Laramide Geology of the Cordillera lect41.rtf
 Lecture 42-43: Alpine Geology lect42.rtf
 Lecture: Second Field Trip Trip2.rtf