A World of Weather:

Fundamentals of Meteorology

A Text/Laboratory Manual

Second Edition

Jon M. Nese
Lee M. Grenci

A World of Weather is a combination textbook and laboratory manual designed to introduce students to the behavior of the atmosphere and the fundamentals of meteorology. A World of Weather was written by two Penn State meteorologists: Dr. Jon Nese, an associate professor at Penn State, and Lee Grenci, a member of the Penn State Department of Meteorology's Weather Communications Group. A World of Weather is available through Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company.

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The introduction to each chapter is available on the Web! Just choose the chapter of interest from the list below to view the introduction. In addition, the chapter on hurricanes is available in its entirety for you to examine.


  • Chapter 1: The Basics: The Meteorologist's Toolbox
  • Chapter 2: Solar and Terrestrial Radiation
  • Chapter 3: Temperature
  • Chapter 4: Air Pressure
  • Chapter 5: Moisture in the Atmosphere
  • Chapter 6: Stability
  • Chapter 7: General Circulation of the Atmosphere
  • Chapter 8: Fronts and Cyclogenesis
  • Chapter 9: Thunderstorms
  • Chapter 10: Tornadoes and Other Whirlwinds
  • Chapter 11: The Hurricane
  • Chapter 12: Winter Weather
  • Chapter 13: Recent Great Floods and the Drought of 1988
  • Chapter 14: The Human Impact on Weather and Climate
  • Chapter 15: The Climatology of Pennsylvania

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