1967 Proceedings - 8th Biennial Conference

Held at the State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
June 19-23, 1967

Graphitization of Carbon under High Pressure

T. Noda

Determination de L'anisotropie du facteur-G dans les carbones graphités pulverulents

Pierre Delhaes

Linewidth and Relaxation in the Conduction Electron Spin Resonance of Polycrystalline Graphite

L. S. Singer and G. Wagoner

Theory of the G-Factor of Two-Dimensional Graphite

J. W. McClure

Electron Spin Resonance in Irradiated Graphite and Evaporated Carbon Film

Sanchi Mizushima

Annealing Studies of Pile-Irradiated Graphite (II). Electronic Properties

T. Tsuzuku, K. Saito, S. Yugo and S. Arai

ESR in Carbons: Studies of Temperature Dependence and of Neutron Irradiation

G. M. Arnold and S. Mrozowski

ESR in Carbons: Studies of Boronation and of Sodium Doping

S. Mrozowski

Resonance Paramagnetique de Divers Pyrocarbones

Mme Cerutti and J. Uebersfeld

Electron Spin Resonance in Nearly Amorphous Carbon

K. Antonowicz, S. Orzeszko, F. Rozploch and T. Szczurek

A Study of ESR of Chars and of Carbon with A-Centers

A. Gutsze and S. Mrozowski

Electron Spin Resonance of Stable Aromatic Radical Intermediates in Pyrolysis

I. C. Lewis and L. S. Singer

g-anisotropy in Nearly Amorphous Carbon as Studied by ESR

K. Antonowicz, S. Orzeszko and J. Wieczorek

Dynamic Polarization of Nuclei in HD Molecules

A. P. Legrand and J. Uebersfeld

Hall Effect in Graphite

Ko Sugihara

Conditionnement des Noirs de Carbones pour l'etude de leurs Proprietes Electroniques

J. V. Zanchetta

Thermoelectric and Galvanomagnetic Effects in Nearly Monocrystalline Graphite Flakes

Y. Hishiyama, A. Ono and T. Tsuzuku

Evolution des Propriétés Electroniques d'un Pyrocarbone en Fonction de Taux de Bore

A. Marchand and E. Dupart

Effects of Boronation on the Transport Properties of SP-1 Graphite

P. S. Grosewald and P. L. Walker, Jr.

Effet Hall des poudres - Etude des noirs de carbone

S. Flandrois, A. Pacault and A. Marchand

Propriétés Electroniques d'un Noir d'Acétylène

S. Flandrois and A. Pacault

Effet Hall et Susceptibilite Magnetique de Carbones dopes au Sodium

J. V. Zanchetta

Hall Coefficient and Magnetoresistivity of Carbons and Polycrystalline Graphite: 1.5 K - 300 K

M. Inagaki, Y. Komatsu and J. V. Zanchetta

Hall Coefficient and Magnetoresistivity of Carbons and Polycrystalline Graphite: Doping with Acceptors

Y. Komatsu

Field Dependence of Magnetoresistivity and Hall Coefficient for Carbons at Various Temperatures

Y. Komatsu

Hall Coefficient and Magnetoresistivity of Carbons and Polycrystalline Graphite: Doping with Donors

S. Toyoda

Proprietes Magnetiques du Graphite Rhomboedrique

H. Gasparoux and A. Pacault

Anormalous Hall Effect and Electronic Structure of Pyrolytic Carbons

Kazuhiko Yazawa

The Seebeck Coefficient of Graphite or the STB Model Revisited

C. A. Klein and R. N. Donadio

Contact Potential Difference of Phenol-Formaldehyde Resin Carbons

H. Honda, Y. Sanada and T. Furuta

A New Type of Submillimeter Wave Generator utilizing Turbostratic Carbons

Kazuhiko Yazawa

Electronic Properties of Graphite-Nitrate Residue Compounds

Y. Hishiyama, A. Ono, M. Inagaki and T. Tsuzuku

Etude de noirs de carbone comme constituant du mélange dépolarisant des piles sèches du type Leclanché

S. Flandrois and A. Pacault

Annealing Studies of Pile-Irradiated Graphite (I). Internal Friction

T. Tsuzuku, M. Saito and K. Kawamura

Shear Properties of Graphite Single Crystals

D. E. Soule, C. W. Nezbeda and O. L. Blakslee

Effect of Neutron Irradiation on Mechanical Properties of Single Crystal and Compression-annealed Pyrolytic Graphite

O. L. Blakslee, C. W. Nezbeda and E. J. Seldin

Studies of Young's Modulus of Graphites

J. Kon, M. Katase, K. Murata and A. Ishihara

Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Graphite

R. E. Taylor, D. E. Kline and P. L. Walker, Jr.

Observations on the Temperature Dependence of Young's Modulus of Graphites

P. E. Armstrong

Averaging techniques in Polycrystalline Graphite

O. D. Slagle

Mechanical Properties of RVB Graphite from Room Temperature to 5500 °F

G. T. Yahr, C. D. Pears and F. J. Witt

The Stress Dependence of the Tensile Creep Rate in Carbons and Graphites

D. B. Fischbach

Time Laws for Creep and Recovery in Graphite

W. V. Green and E. G. Zukas

A Method for Determining the Microstructural changes in Graphite that accompany High-temperature deformation

W. V. Green, L. S. Levinson, R. D. Reiswig and E. G. Zukas

The High Temperature Creep Behavior of Heavily-oriented Graphite

E. G. Zukas and W. V. Green

Relaxation of Tensile Stress in a Reactor Graphite at 2000 to 2700 °C

Morton C. Smith

The Effect of Short-term Neutron Irradiation on the Shear Compliance of Hot-worked Pyrolytic Graphite

G. M. Jenkins and G. Jouquet

The Hardness of Irradiated Graphite

R. G. Brown

I - Changes in the Texture of Purified Nuclear Graphite in the Course of Thermal and Radiolytic Oxidations

F. M. Lang, R. Blanchard and P. Magnier

II - Thermal Oxidation rate of Purified Graphite in Air - Influence of pre-irradiation

F. M. Lang, M. Brié and M. de Noblet

III- Thermal Degassing under vacuum of Nuclear Graphite Oxidised Radiolytically - comparison with Thermal Oxidation

F. M. Lang, R. Blanchard and C. Koch

IV - Surface Complexes formed by contact wih air on Spheron 6 treated at High Temperature

F. M. Lang and M. de Noblet

Neutron Irradiations of Pyrographites and Polycrystalline Artificial Graphites at Liquid Nitrogen Temperature. Stored Energy and Dimensional Changes

L. Bochirol and E. Bonjour

The influence of Boron on the Nucleation of Radiation Damage in Graphite

A. Kelly and R. M. Mayer

Vacancy and Interstitial Loops in Graphite produced by High Temperature Irradiation and Annealing

P. A. Thrower

The Dilation of Neutron Irradiated Graphite Exposed to Liquid Sodium

J. E. Brocklehurst

Acoustic Emission in Graphite under Stress

K. Gilchrist and D. Wells

High Strength and High Modulus Carbon Fibers

Roger Bacon and W. A. Schalamon

Nonlinear Behavior of Carbon Filaments in Bending

W. S. Williams and D. Steffens

Room Temperature Fracture Behavior of Polycrystalline Graphites under Torsional and Biaxial Stresses

T. Weng

Molded Fueled Graphite Spheres for Pebble Bed Reactors

G. Spener and M. Hrovat

The Effect of Gaseous Environment on the Flexural Strength of Graphite

D. H. Logsdail

Graphitization of Boron Pyrolytic Graphite

W. V. Kotlensky, R. N. Donadio and L. M. Hagen

Effect of Boron Content on the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Boron Pyrolytic Graphite Cylinders

W. V. Kotlensky, A. J. Capriulo, R. N. Donadio, L. M. Hagen and J. Pappis

Application of the Sarci System to the Graphite Research Program at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory

Paul Wagner

Lattice Parameter and Dimensional Changes in Graphite Irradiated between 300 and 1350 °C

R. W. Henson, A. J. Perks and J. H. W. Simmons

Nuclear Radiation Effect on Composite Graphite-Pyrocarbon bodies obtained by Thermal Cracking of Natural Gas

L. Bochirol and P. Brauns

Dimensional Changes induced in Pyrolytic Carbon by High Temperature Fast-neutron Irradiation

J. C. Bokros and R. J. Price

A Model to describe Neutron-induced Dimensional changes in Pyrolytic Carbon

J. C. Bokros and A. S. Schwartz

Some Studies on Irradiation Creep of Graphite

J. E. Brocklehurst and R. G. Brown

Dimensional and Property Changes of Impregnated and Isotropic Graphites Irradiated at 300 - 1450 °C

G. B. Engle

The Effect of Irradiation on the Thermal Conductivity and Electrical Resistivity of Impregnated Graphites Irradiated at 300 - 1250 °C

K. K. Koyama and G. B. Engle

Effect of Some Process Temperatures on Radiation Induced Contraction of Graphite

R. W. Marek, W. E. Parker and J. H. Cox

Some Refinements in Graphite Dimensional-change Theory

W. C. Morgan

The Influence of the Pitch Binder Content on the Structures and Properties of Molded Graphites Prepared with Various Fillers

G. B. Engle

The Influence of the Pitch Binder Content on High-temperature Irradiation Behavior of Molded Graphites prepared with various Filler Materials

G. B. Engle

Long-Term Radiation Effects on Graphite

J. W. Helm

MTR Reflector Graphite after 13 Operating Years

E. Fast, S. Cohen and G. V. Wheeler

Actual Circumstances as to the Application of Glassy Carbon

Shigehiko Yamada

Fabrication Factors affecting the Properties of Glassy Carbon

W. Bradshaw, P. Pinoli, G. Watsey and H. Wigton

On the Physical Properties of Vitro Carbon

T. Ishikawa, H. Teranishi and H. Honda

The Formation of Glasslike Carbons by Pyrolysis of Nonmelting Resins

E. Fitzer, W. Schafer and S. Yamada

A Tentative Preparation of Glassy Carbon Monofilament from Thermosetting Resins

Shigehiko Yamada and Motohiro Yamamoto

On the new carbon fiber from the petroleum sludge

T. Ishikawa and M. Morishita

Suitable pitch materials for MP carbon fiber

Sugio Ohtani

Physical Characteristics of Graphites Containing Boron

R. B. Trask

Membranes de carbone et de Graphite et leurs proprietes

J. Maire, H. Colas and P. Maillard

Semi-isostatic forming of Monolithic Carbon Articles

R. J. Williams

Dense, Isotropic Graphite fabricated by hot Isostatic Compaction

D. C. Carmichael, W. C. Chard and P. D. Ownby

The Baking of Green Carbon Bodies (Kinetic Studies)

E. Fitzer and K. Hüttinger

Phenomenes d'interaction entre divers Carbones a Hautes Temperatures

P. Cornuault, F. du Chaffaut, J. Rappeneau, M. Yvars and A. Fillâtre

The effect of Impurities on the Boron Trichloride Catalyzed Deposition of Pyrolytic Graphite

B. L. Butler and R. J. Diefendorf

Experimental Fabrication of Pyrolytic Graphite Using Acetylene as a Principal Source Gas

P. N. Bolinger, J. Zlupko and W. Mueller

Lamp-black as raw Material for Carbon Products

The Effects of Defects on the Thermal Conductivity of a Graphite Crystal

B. T. Kelly and R. Taylor

Thermal Conductivity of Polycrystalline Graphite

R. Taylor, K. E. Gilchrist and L. J. Poston

The Thermal Conductivity of SX-5, a Fine Grain Commercial Graphite

P. Wagner and L. B. Dauelsberg

A Critical Evaluation of the Flash Method for Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Manufactured Graphite

W. A. Anderson and E. E. Cox

A Test for Determinig the Thermal Shock Resistance of Graphites

G. T. Yahr and F. J. Witt

Preparation et Proprietes d'un Pyrocarbone Comprime a Haute Temperature

J. Maire, R. Gremion, M. Moreau, J. Rappeneau, M. Yvars and A. Fillatre

Irreversible Coke Expansion Inhibition

R. W. Wallouch and E. A. Heintz

The Effect of Anisotropy on Emissivity

G. W. Autio and E. Scala

Microporous Structures of Carbonaceous Adsorbents

M. M. Dubinin

Krypton Adsorption on Microporous Carbons and 5A Zeolite

O. P. Mahajan and P. L. Walker, Jr.

Microporosity in Carbons

H. Marsh, B. Rand and T. Siemieniewska

Observations Concerning the Determination of Porosity in Graphites

James M. Dickinson

Modifications of Pore Size Distribution in Artificial Graphites Densified by Thermal Cracking of Natural Gas

L. Bochirol, M. Ortega and R. Téoule

Low-permeability Graphite: A Study of Selected Organic Impregnants

D. R. Perels

Unsteady State Transfer Effects in the Oxidation of Graphite

J. T. Klaschka, J. B. Lewis, J. R. Stevens and R. Murdoch

Air Oxidation Studies in a Long Graphite Channel

P. Hawtin, J. A. Gibson and R. A. Huber

Combustion Behavior of Ultra-pure, Dense Carbon Spheres at Atmospheric Pressure. Part I: A New Experimental Technique for Determining the Depth of Reaction During Internal Burning

R. H. Essenhigh and R. W. Froberg

Combustion Behavior of High Purity, Dense Carbon Spheres at Atmospheric Pressure. Part II: The True Order of Reaction and Temperature Limits of the Reaction Zones for the Internal Burning

R. W. Froberg and R. H. Essenhigh

ZTA Graphite-Gas Reactions at Elevated Temperatures

J. Rexer

A Comparative Study of the Gaseous Oxidation of Vitreous Carbon and Various Graphites at 1500 - 3000 K

J. C. Lewis, I. J. Floyd and F. C. Cowlard

Methods for Improving the Oxidation Resistance of Graphite

Ernst M. Goldstein

The Carbon Black-Oxygen Reaction: Oxidation Promotors

C. W. Snow, D. R. Wallace and A. E. Daniell

Oxidation of Boronated Graphite

R. E. Woodley

The Influence of Structural Faults on the Non-uniform Oxidation of Boronated Graphite

J. M. Thomas and C. Roscoe

The Mosaic Character of Graphite as Revealed by Catalytic Oxidation

C. Roscoe and J. M. Thomas

An Electron-Microscopic Investigation of the Graphite-Water Reaction

G. L. Montet and G. E. Myers

Kinetics of Oxygen Chemisorption by Graphon

Robert O. Lussow, Francis J. Vastola and Phillip L. Walker, Jr.

Oxygen Chemisorption on Well Cleaned Carbon Surfaces

P. J. Hart, F. J. Vastola and P. L. Walker, Jr.

A New Approach to Carbon Surface Group Analysis

D. Rivin, P. F. Troiano and J. S. Perkins

New results on the Chemistry of Graphite Oxide

H. P. Boehm and W. Scholz

Studies on basic Surface Oxides of Carbon

H. P. Boehm and M. Voll

Chemisorption of Sulfur Dioxide on Active Carbon

W. O. Stacy, F. J. Vastola and P. L. Walker, Jr.

Kinetics of the Oxygen Exchange between CO2 and CO on Carbon

Morris Mentser and Sabri Ergun

Gasification of Carbon by Carbon Dioxide. Kinetic, Adsorption and ESR considerations

H. Marsh, B. Rand and D. Robson

Surface Complexes formed on graphite during Irradiation in CO2/CH4 mixtures

J. Bromley

Room-temperature Chemisorption of Oxygen on Graphon

R. C. Bansal, F. J. Vastola and P. L. Walker, Jr.

Some Thermodynamic and Electrical Properties of Graphite Nitrates

A. R. Ubbelohde

The Reaction of Molten Vanadium Carbide with Disordered Carbons

E. Fitzer and B. Kegel

The Isotherm of Ferric Chloride on Graphite

J. G. Hooley and M. Bartlett

Phase Equilibria in the Cesium-Carbon Black System

F. J. Salzano and S. Aronson

Mössbauer Studies of Cesium -- Graphite Compounds

G. L. Montet, G. J. Perlow, L. E. Campbell, G. R. Hennig and A. J. F. Boyle

Nouveaux Composes d'insertion du Graphite

D. Ginderow and R. Setton

Composés résiduels sur les carbones tendres - (graphitables)

Mme. M. C. Robert and M. Oberlin

Wettability of Graphite by Barium Fluoride Calcium Fluoride Eutectic

James L. Benak and Theodore B. Selover, Jr.

Absorption Expansion and Elastic Properties of Wood Charcoal

R. I. Razouk, F. Z. Saleeb and F. S. Said

Adsorption of Helium by Carbonaceous Surfaces

Jean Baptiste Donnet, Pierre Couderc and Eugène Papirer

Activity Coefficients of Adsorbed Gas Mixtures. Nitrogen-Oxygen on Anatase

Frank J. Trotta, Jr. and Alan L. Myers

The Surface Area and Porosity of Carbon Blacks

Andries Voet, Trevor G. Lamond and Douglas Sweitgart

Adsorption of Iodine from Aqueous Solution by Porous Carbons

A. Hill and H. Marsh

The Degassing Products of a High Surface Area Graphite as Measured by a Partial Pressure Mass Spectrometer

J. Dollimore, F. E. Austin and C. Freedman

The Formation of Surface Oxide by Carbons during Oxidation by Atomic Oxygen at Different Temperatures

H. Marsh and T. E. O'Hair

Erosion Resistant Rocket Nozzle Graphites

M. J. Chase

Microstruture of "Ordinary" and High Modulus Carbon Fibers

R. Bacon and A. F. Silvaggi

X-Ray Studies on the Preferred Orientation of Carbon Fibers

W. Ruland

The Effect of Preferred Orientation on the Intensity Distribution of (hk) interferences

W. Ruland and H. Tompa

X-Ray Studies on the Pyrolysis of Cellulose Fibers

E. Fitzer and D. Overhoff

Microstructures formed in the Carbonization of Coal-tar Pitch

J. L. White, G. L. Guthrie and J. O. Gardner

Study of the Microstructure of Carbon Blacks

Jean Baptiste Donnet and Jacques Schultz

High Resolution Electron Microscopy of Small Crystallite Carbons

L. L. Ban, W. M. Hess and F. J. Eckert

Morphology of Aggregates. II. Shape and Bulkiness Factors of Carbon Black Aggregates from Electron Microscopy

A. I. Medalia and F. A. Heckman

Microscopic Characterization of Layer Stacking in Pyrolytic Graphite

E. R.Stover

Optical and Electron Microscopy of Carbonaceous Materials

R. D. Reiswig, L. S. Levinson and T. D. Baker

Transmitted Light Microscopy of Graphite

E. M. Woodruff

A Replication Technique for Examining Dynamic Changes in Graphite

V. S. Sabett

The significance of some Structural Parameters obtained by X-ray methods for Graphitic and non-graphitic Carbons

W. Ruland

Fourier Transform Methods for the Analysis of random-layer Line Profiles

W. Ruland and R. Perret

Atomes de Carbones Intertitiels dans les Carbones Tendres (graphitables)

C. Schiller and J. Mering

Etude d'un Coke de Saccharose traite a des Temperatures Croissantes

A. Oberlin

X-ray Characteristic of Non-graphitizing-type Carbons

H. Honda, K. Kobayashi and S. Sugawara

Pyrolysis of Parapolyphenylene

O. E. Accontius

High Coking Polymers from Interaction of Diamino- and Dihydroxy-Aromatic Compounds

C. V. Mitchell

The 1600 cm-1 Band in the Infrared Spectra of Chars and Coals

R. A. Friedel and R. A. Durie

The Chemistry of Acenaphthylene Pyrolysis

E. Fitzer and K. Muller

Spiral and Whisker Growth During Methane Pyrolysis

E. Fitzer and H. Schlesinger

An Interpretation of the Complex X-ray Spectra Observed for Certain Petroleum Cokes

D. L. Biederman, H. N. Murty and R. W. Wallouch

The Nucleation and Growth of Some Electrodeposited Materials on Graphite

W. A. Nystrom

The Determination of the Molecular Distributions of Graphite Binder Materials by Gel Permeation Chromatography

Eugene M. Wewerka

Heat Treatment of Carbon under Pressure in the Presence of Minerals (Ca-Compounds)

T. Noda, M. Inagaki and S. Hirano

Electrical Discharge Sintering and Graphitization of Carbon Powders

H. Honda, K. Kobayashi, K. Inoue and M. Ishiyama

Graphitization of Organic Compounds. I. Graphitization Enhancement by Copyrolysis with Benzyne Precoursers

Lawrence G. Isaacs

Structural Change during Desulfurization of Petroleum Coke

Jacques Gillot, Benno Lux, Pierre Cornuault and Francois du Chaffaut

A Mass Spectrometric Study of the Species involved in Carbon Deposition from R. F. Discharges in Carbon Containing Gases

H. E. Evans and P. P. Jennings

Characterization of Carbons and Graphites by X-Ray examination

N. Christu, E. Fitzer, W. Fritz and D. Overhoff

Morphology of Graphite Fibers - Coexistence of Crystalline Graphite and Turbostratic Carbon Phases

Herbert M. Ezekiel

Transition from Graphite to Hexagonal Diamond

J. S. Kasper

Graphite Crystal Growth

Stanley B. Austerman and John W. Wagner

Cigar-shaped Conical Crystals of Graphite

Jacques Gillot, Walter Bollmann and Benno Lux

The Spectra of Longitudinal and Transverse Dielectric Constants of Graphite

Sabri Ergun and Martin Berman

Anisotropic Crystal Growth in Thin Carbon Films

A. E. B. Presland and J. R. White

Methods for Estimating Statistics Descriptive of Graphite Powder Mixtures with Illustrations of Some Practical Applications

H. D. Lewis