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Derek Elsworth, Semih Eser, and Jonathan Mathews 

Energy and Mineral Engineering, PSU



The Center for Advanced Undergraduate Study and Experience (CAUSE) is a formalized research experience for undergraduates, that investigates a unique and unrepeated theme. A small group of students (~12-16) are invited to participate in the course, that typically involves a course of field study or field work.


CAUSE 2015 is investigating the key factors contributing to the evolution of the diverse energy choices in Scandinavia – and in particular the circumstances, drivers and prospects for a sustainable energy future. 


Following are some of the products from the students who participated in this class.......


Energy Portfolios for Nordic Countries







Contextual Studies - Energy in Scandinavia

        Travel Itinerary         Map

        Dispatches from the Field   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13  


Final Projects

        Alternative Fuels in the Nordic Region

        Clean Power Plan - The Effect on Pennsylvania’s Energy Outlook

        Offshore Wind for Northern Europe

        Analysis of Energy Consumption and Space Heating in the Residential Sector

        Analysis of Wind Industry Success: Denmark and United States


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