1977 Proceedings - 13th Biennial Conference

Held at Irvine, California
June 18 - 22, 1977

Activated Carbon and Adsorption (AC)

Dependence of Gas Adsorption Rates on Carbon Granule Size and Linear Flow Velocity

J. A. Rehrmann and L. A. Jonas

Reaction Steps in Gas Sorption by Impregnated Carbon

L. A. Jonas

Effect of Continued Activation on Activated Carbon Pore Structure

A. J. Juhola

Chemisorption of Hydrocarbons on Graphitized Carbon Blacks at 300 °C

W. P. Hoffman, F. J. Vastola and P. L. Walker, Jr.

Use of Carbons for Removal of Ammonia from Water

O. P. Mahajan, A. Youssef and P. L. Walker, Jr.

Dissociative Storage of Hydrogen on Modified Carbon Surfaces

R. K. Sinha and N. J. Wagner

Saran Carbon - A Superior Adsorbent for Volatile Compounds

D. D. Schmidt and R. G. Melcher

Charcoals as Catalyst Supports in the Trapping of Methylradioiodide (131)

V. R. Deitz

Compared Adsorptive Properties of Active Carbons from Olive Stones and Almond Shells

C. Berenguer, J. de D. Lopez-Gonzalez, F. M. Vilchez and F. Rodriguez-Reinoso

Retention of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxiacetic Acid by an Activated Carbon

A. Jimenez-Lopez, J. de D. Lopez-Gonzalez and C. Valenzuela-Calahorro

Adsorption of HCN and H2O Vapor Mixtures by Activated and Impregnated Carbons

G. A. Freeman, P. J. Reucroft and C. T. Chiou

Interaction of Ozonised Oxygen with Microcrystalline Carbons

B. R. Puri and V. M. Arora

Advances in Carbon Characterization (CC)

Application of X-ray Measurements for Characterization of Artificial Carbons

E. Fitzer, K. -H. Kochling and G. Schwarz

Raman Spectrum of Ground Natural Graphite

M. Nakamizo, M. Inagaki, H. Kakiyama and H. Honda

Raman Spectra of Carbons and Their Intercalation Residue Compounds

A. Marchand and C. Garrigou-LaGrange

Raman Spectra and Characterization of Carbon Materials

R. Vidano and D. B. Fischbach

Raman Spectra, Effective Debye Parameter and Magnetoresistance

M. Nakamizo, M. Inagaki and Y. Hishiyama

Force Constants for the Graphite Lattice

A. P. P. Nicholson and D. J. Bacon

Nondestructive Testing I: Correlation of Detectable Flaw Size with Grain Structure by Ultrasonic Techniques in Graphite

J. F. Rosendahl, J. T. Gill and L. D. Fiel

Nondestructive Testing II: X-Ray Imaging of Graphite Precursors

J. T. Gill, J. F. Rosendahl and L. D. Fiel

An Examination of Five Preferred Orientation Functions

W. S. Horton

A Comparison of Optical Methods for Determining Preferred Orientation in Nearly Isotropic Pyrocarbon

D. W. Stevens

X-Ray Studies of Graphitization of Glassy Carbon

S. Bose, R. Saxena and R. H. Bragg

High Resolution Dark-Field EM Applied to Carbon Characterization Pan Fiber Microtexture

A. Oberlin, F. Molleyre and M. Bastick

Industrial Applications (I)

Solar Selective Carbon Coatings

C. R. Schmitt, J. M. Schreyer, J. M. Googin and H. D. Whitehead

The Relationship of Physical Properties of Graphite to EDM Performance

C. L. Greatorex

Casting Cores Made from Porous Carbon

G. Gistinger and G. Hochegger

New Application for Flexible Graphite Sheet

H. Eicher and E. Winkler

Formation of Divided Particles from Carbon Vapor

J. LaHaye, P. Kappler, P. Ehrburger and J. B. Donnet

Applications of Carbon in the Sodium-Sulfur Battery

F. A. Ludwig

Rheological Properties of Coal-Tar Pitch Binders

R. W. Wallouch, H. N. Murty and E. A. Heintz

Physical Properties and Composition of the Green Mix

S. Mrozowski

Effect of Raw Materials on Lampblack Grade Graphite Properties

G. W. Morelli and J. F. Rakszawski

Puffing of Electrode Stock as Influenced by Sulfur Content and Heating Rate

K. W. Tucker, L. D. Loch, G. Stecker and L. A. Joo'

Effect of Coke-Sizing on Puffing Characteristics of Baked Stock

L. D. Loch, K. W. Tucker and L. A. Joo'

The Use of Sulfur to Control Physical Properties in Graphite

C. R. Kennedy

Occupational Exposure to Fugitive Emissions from a Graphite Production Operation

W. H. Griest, H. Kubota and W. P. Eatherly

Effect of Boron Carbide Addition on Some Properties of Hot-Pressed Polycrystalline Graphite Made from Coke Powder

K. Miyazaki, T. Hagio, K. Kobayashi and H. Honda

Effect of Hot-Pressing Temperature on Sintered Polycrystalline Graphite Made from Pitch Coke with B2O3 Addition

T. Hagio, Y. Matsushita, K. Kobayashi and H. Honda

Effect of B2O3 Addition on Sintering and Graphitization of Carbon Materials

K. Kobayashi, T. Hagio, K. Miyazaki, Y. Matsushita, S. Kondo, K. Iwata and H. Honda

Various Vibration Methods for the Forming of Carbon Products

S. Wilkening

The Influence of Quinoline Insoluble Pitch Constituents on the Impregnation Behavior

H. Tillmanns and G. Pietzka

Wettability of Carbon and Graphite by Metal Melts

B. Goetze and U. Rosenblatt

Calculation of Steady State Temperatures in Graphite Electrodes in an Electric Arc Steel Furnace

T. -L. Weng and E. J. Seldin

Adhesion Characteristics of Thin Vacuum Deposited Carbon Films

N. K. Agarwal, H. S. Shim and A. D. Haubold

CERAPHITE, A Hard and High Strength New Carbon Material

C. Nakayama, M. Okawa and H. Nagashima

Production Scale Up of the GRAPHNOL N Process

P. G. Ruopp, L. D. Loch and L. A. Joo'

The Microstructure of Vapor Deposited Carbon Films

H. S. Shim, N. K. Agarwal and A. D. Haubold

Aerospace Applications (Ia)

Diagnosis of Matrix Quality in CVD Infiltrated Carbon-Carbon by In-Process Monitoring and Nondestructive Evaluation

E. R. Stover and J. A. Roetling

Effect of Substrate Fiber Orientation on Chemical Vapor Deposited (CVD) Needled Felt Carbon-Carbon Composites

J. L. Irwin

Processing Scale-Up Studies on Carbon-Carbon Composites

P. N. Bolinger

Densification of Carbon-Carbon Composites at 30 KSI

G. W. Weber, K. R. Young, A. J. Taylor and T. J. Curci

Analysis of Dimensional Changes and Fiber-Matrix Interactions During Processing of 3D Carbon-Carbon Composites

L. B. Greszczuk

Mechanical Properties of Pitch Fiber Carbon-Carbon Composites

C. R. Rowe and L. L. Lander

Carbon/Carbon Material Application to Solid Rocket Motor Nozzles

R. Laramee, G. Lamere, B. Prescott, R. Mitchell, P. Sottosanti and D. Dahle

Influence of Pyrolysis Pressure on Microstructure of Carbon-Carbon Composites

J. S. Evangelides

Carbon - Carbon for Nozzles

G. W. Driggers and H. S. Starrett

Effects of Matrix and Process Variations on Properties of 3-D Carbon-Carbon Composites

R. W. Seibold

Permeability, Porosimetry, and Microstructure of 3D Carbon-Carbon Composites

J. Jortner

Microstructural Features Which Influence the Ablation Performance of Carbon-Carbon Composites

D. A. Eitman

Influence of Carbon Polymorphs on Ablation of Graphitic Materials

A. G. Whittaker and J. S. Evangelides

Ablative Recession of 3D Carbon-Carbon Composites

J. Jortner, F. I. Clayton and R. W. Seibold

Biomaterials Applications (B)

Use of Carbons in Dental and Orthopaedic Implants

S. F. Hulbert and J. C. Bokros

Factors Affecting the Biological Properties of Various Carbons in the Physiological Environment

S. D. Bruck

Interaction of Human Fibrinogen with Pure LTI-Carbon

T-H. Chiu and E. Nyilas

Adsorptive Properties of Human gamma-Globulin on Pure and Silicon Alloyed LTI-Carbons

E. Nyilas and T-H. Chiu

Diamond-Like Carbon Films - Factors Leading to Improved Biocompatibility

S. Aisenberg

Investigations of Vitreous and Pyrolytic Carbon-Metallic Alloy Surgical Biomaterials

J. E. Lemons, R. A. Buchanan, I. L. Baswell and N. G. Thompson

LTI Carbon Surfaces

A. D. Haubold, J. D. Andrade, H. S. Shim and R. King

Tissue Response to Charcoal Cloth Implanted Subcutaneously in the Rat and the Guinea Pig

N. H. Creasey and F. A. P. Maggs

Two Year Freestanding Vitreous Carbon Implants in Baboons

L. Shulman, P. Schnitman, R. Feingold, L. Gettleman, P. Kalis and M. Woolfson

The Effect of Surface Texture and Bacterial Plaque on the Tissues Surrounding Vitreous Carbon Implants

M. Samida, R. A. James, J. M. Whittaker and R. L. Schultz

Clinical Evaluation of Functional LTI Pyrolite Carbon Blade Implants in Primates with Design Considerations

J. Kent, C. Farrell, S. Hulbert and J. Bokros

Histology of LTI Pyrolite Carbon Dental Implant-Tissue Interface in Primates

C. Farrell, J. Kent, J. Klawitter, J. Bokros, S. Hulbert and R. Carr

Scanning Electron Microscopy of LTI Carbon Dental Implant-Tissue Interface

J. J. Klawitter, S. F. Hulbert, J. Kent, C. Farrell and J. Bokros

An Ultrastructural Study of Baboon Tissue Interfacing with Pyrolytic Carbon Dental Implants

R. A. James, J. M. Whittaker and R. L. Schultz

Design Considerations for LTI-Carbon Heart Valves

M. C. Huffstutler, Jr.

Experimental and Clinical Application of Carbon Fibre as an Implant in Orthopaedics

D. H. R. Jenkins

Preparation of Pyrocarbon Coated Carbon Fibres for Use in Ligament Replacement

E. Fitzer, W. Huttner and D. Wolter

Development of Carbon Materials for Endoprosthetics

H. Bruckmann, K. J. Huttinger and U. Rosenblatt

Graphite Fiber/TFE Polymer Porous Composites in Reconstructive Surgery

C. A. Homsy and J. N. Kent

L. T. I. Carbon Permucosal Dental Implants

A. N. Cranin, M. F. Rabkin, H. Silverbrand, S. Unger, J. E. Armitage and M. Meenaghan

Carbon Materials for Oral Implantation: A Preliminary Report

D. Leake, S. Michieli, S. Freeman, J. Bokros and A. Haubold

Vapor Deposited Carbon Coated Tooth Root Replicas

S. Michieli, D. Leake, S. Freeman, J. Bokros, A. Haubold and A. Pizzoferrato

Various Applications of Pyrolytic Carbon in Alveolar Bone to Retard Resorption and Stimulate Osteogenic Activity. A Preliminary Report

J. Warrens

Experience with Biocompatible Carbon at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital

J. Reswick, V. Mooney, D. McNeal and M. Quigley

Chemical Reactivity and Surfaces (CR)

Graphite Lamellar Compounds with Thallium (III) Chloride and the Bromides of Thallium (III), Cadmium, Mercury, Iron (II) and Uranium (V)

E. Stumpp and R. Niess

The State of Water on Pure and Silicon-Alloyed LTI-Carbons

T-H. Chiu, E. Nyilas and F. J. Micale

Diffusion Coefficients of Br2, HNO3, and PdCl2 in Graphite

M. B. Dowell

The Oxidation of Graphite Under Compressive Stress

P. A. Thrower and D. R. Marx

Superficial Reaction of Carbon Black with Oxygen

D. Rivin and J. H. Atkins

Catalysis of Water Vapour Gasification of Coke by Iron

R. Hahn and K. J. Huttinger

Kinetics of the Gasification by Oxygen of a Graphitizing Carbon Catalyzed by Transition Metal Impurities

H. Marsh and D. W. Taylor

Corrosive Effects of Pyrolytic Carbon in Gas Turbines

D. W. McKee and D. Chatterji

The Effect of Natural Coal Impurities on Carbon Gasification

K. Otto and M. Shelef

A Temperature-Programmed Desorption Study of Surface Oxygen Complexes Formed on Carbons from Atomic Oxygen

H. Marsh and D. W. Taylor

The Reactivity to Atomic Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide of Anisotropic Carbons of Different Optical Texture

H. Marsh, M. French, J. Smith and J. L. White

A New Substrate for Surface Studies

M. B. Dowell

The Adsorption of Alcohols on Several Graphite Oxides

J. de D. Lopez-Gonzalez, A. Martin-Rodriguez, A. Martin-Pozuelo and F. Rodriguez-Reinoso

The Kinetic Dependence of Iron Catalyzed Graphite Oxidation on Oxygen Potential

H. S. Isaacs

The Behaviour of Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide with Graphite Ferric Chloride

S. Parkash, S. K. Chakrabartty and J. G. Hooley

Adsorption of Benzene on Exfoliated Graphite Between -70 °C and -5 °C

M. Coulon, Y. Khatir and L. Bonnetain

Adsorption of Long Chain Electrolytes on Carbons

R. C. Bansal

Glassy Carbon as a Catalyst Support

P. L. Walker, Jr., A. Oya and O. P. Mahajan

Viscose Carbons: Modification of Thermal Decomposition of Viscose by Inorganic Additives

A. Capon and F. A. P. Maggs

Activation of Fibrous Chars

F. A. P. Maggs, A. Capon and M. E. Smith

Studies of the Rate of Oxidation of ATJ Graphite by Steam

R. D. Burnette, C. Velasquez, G. Hightower and K. Koyama

The Kinetics of the Carbon-Oxygen Reaction in Pyrolytic Graphites and Its Relation to the Degree of Orientation

J. de D. Lopez-Gonzalez, M. Rodriguez-Gallego, F. Rodriguez-Reinoso and L. Zurita-Herrera

The Rate of Oxidation of Carbon Fibers in Air

B. H. Eckstein

Oxidation Mechanisms of Carbon-Carbon Composites

H. W. Chang and R. M. Rusnak

Activated Carbon Textiles

R. N. MacNair

Evaluation of Gasification Reactivities of Coals by Differential Thermal Analysis

C. Chow, H. M. Hawthorne, E. Peters and I. H. Warren

Intercalation Properties of the Carbon Liners of Aluminum Reduction Cells

J. G. Hooley and P. T. Hough

Kinetics of Pyrolytic Carbon Deposition at High Temperatures and Low Pressures

A. Wehrer, P. Wehrer and X. Duval

Electrical and Thermal Properties (E)

On a Special Effect of gamma3 on the Electronic Equienergy Surfaces of Graphite

C. Ayache

Theory of the Galvanomagnetic Properties of Graphite - Consequences of Trigonal Warping of the Constant Energy Surfaces

R. O. Dillon and I. L. Spain

Impurity State of Graphite in the Quantum Limit

K. Sugihara

Galvanomagnetic Properties of Graphite from 10 to 23T

W. H. Lowrey and I. L. Spain

Anisotropy of the Magnetic-Field-Induced Anomaly in the Resistance Versus Temperature Curve of Graphite

C. Ayache and A. de Combarieu

Temperature and Field Dependencies of Galvanomagnetic Effects in Graphite

L. W. Kreps and J. A. Woollam

Anomalous Phonon Drag Effect in Graphite

K. Sugihara, H. Ohshima, K. Kawamura and T. Tsuzuku

Electrical Conduction in c-Direction of Graphite

K. Kawamura, Y. Ouchi, H. Ohshima and T. Tsuzuku

The Effects of Fast Neutron Irradiation on the Galvanomagnetic Properties of Graphite

R. O. Dillon, I. L. Spain and J. W. McClure

Study of the Elastic Constant C44 of Pyrolytic Graphite After Low Temperature Irradiation (4 K)

J. B. Ayasse and E. Bonjour

Effect of Chemical Impurities on the Galvanomagnetic Properties of Carbons

T. Kimura and K. Yazawa

Electronic Processes in Boron-Doped Turbostratic Carbons

K. Kawamura, T. Emori and T. Tsuzuku

Electrical Resistivity of Graphite Nitrates

F. L. Vogel, C. Zeller and W. C. Forsman

Mechanism for Formation of Graphite "Acceptor Compounds"

W. C. Forsman

The Low Current Carbon Arc and the Properties of Graphite Near the Sublimation Temperature

W. W. Lozier and M. R. Null

Perpendicular Electric Field Effect on the Electric Resistivity of Thin Graphite Crystals

Y. F. Ohashi and S. Mizushima

Esaki Kink Effect in Graphite

S. Mizushima and Y. Fujibayashi

Two Types of Broadening of the ESR Line in the Transition Region, Effects of Oxydizing Atmosphere

S. Mrozowski

Relationship Between Preferred Orientation, Thermal Expansion, and Coke Preparation Temperature of Some Experimental Graphites

O. J. Horne and C. R. Kennedy

Relationship Between Preferred Orientation, Thermal Expansion and Molding Pressure of Some Experimental Graphites

O. J. Horne and C. R. Kennedy

Negative Magnetoresistance and Electrical Conduction in Glassy Carbon

S. Ho, R. Saxena and R. H. Bragg

Magnetoresistance of Disordered Carbons at Low Temperature

Y. Hishiyama, Y. Kaburagi and A. Ono

Band Theory of Pyrocarbons and Cokes

O. Gonzalez and A. Charlier

Low Temperature Magnetic and Thermal Properties of an Amorphous Carbon

F. Carmona, P. Delhaes, J. L. Tholence and J. C. Lasjaunias

Lattice Defects and Low Temperature Specific Heat Peaks in Soft Carbon and Polycrystalline Graphite

S. Mrozowski and A. S. Vagh

Magnetic Field Dependence of Specific Heat Peaks in Neutron Irradiated Polycrystalline Graphite

A. S. Vagh and S. Mrozowski

Specific Heat of Neutron Irradiated Glassy Carbon (GC 30) in the Intermediate Range of Temperatures 3-78 °K

E. Michael, B. Myers and S. Mrozowski

Fibers and Composites (F)

Production of Carbon Fibres from Char Tars

I. Romey

High Strength Carbon Fibers from Mesophase Pitch

J. B. Barr, S. Chwastiak and R. Didchenko

Structure and Properties of Fibers Derived from Pitch

A. Johnson and W. Bradshaw

Electronic and Structural Characteristics of Carbon Fibers from Mesophase Pitch

A. A. Bright and L. S. Singer

Neutron Diffraction Studies on some Carbon Fibre Reinforced Carbon Composites and Their Precursor Materials

L. F. Pain and P. B. Roscoe

Correlation Between Structure and Properties of Chopped-Fiber Carbon-Carbon Composites

W. G. Bradshaw, P. C. Pinoli and R. F. Karlak

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composites for Applications at Elevated Temperatures

E. Fitzer and M. Heym

Oxidation Behavior of Some Carbon/Carbon Composites

D. B. Fischbach and D. R. Uptegrove

C. V. D. Carbon Composites: Preparation, Electronic and Thermal Properties

A. Pacault, P. Loll, P. Delhaes and A. Pierre

Development of Interfilament Matrix Structures in CVD-Infiltrated Carbon-Carbon

E. R. Stover, J. F. D'Andrea, P. N. Bolinger and J. J. Gebhardt

Unidirectionally Reinforced Carbon/Carbon-Composites with Polyimide and Phenolic Resin as Matrix Precursor

E. Fitzer, K. -H. Geigl and M. Heym

High Temperature Properties of Carbon Fibers

C. R. Rowe and D. L. Lowe

Fracture Behavior of Carbon Fiber-Glassy Carbon Composite

S. Kimura, H. Tanaka and E. Yasuda

Acoustic Emission from Carbon Fibre Reinforced Carbon Composites

M. J. Fry

Surface Study of Carbon Fibres with Auger Electron Spectroscopy

F. Hopfgarten

Surface Characteristics of Pan Based Carbon Fibres

B. Rand and R. Robinson

Fiber Density Analysis by Density Gradient Technique

P. C. Pinoli and A. Ambrosio

Pore Analysis of Carbon Fabric by Density Gradient Technique

P. C. Pinoli and A. C. Johnson

Current Conduction Experiments with Single Carbon Fibers

I. R. McNab

Piezoresistance of Carbon Fibers

D. B. Fischbach and K. Komaki

Preparation and Electrical Properties of Graphite Fiber Nitrate

M. Endo, T. Koyama and M. Inagaki

The Mechanism of the Addition and Removal of Br2 in a Carbon Fiber

J. G. Hooley and V. R. Deitz

Mechanical and Frictional Properties (MF)

Effects of Oxygen and Moisture on Carbon-Composite Frictional Behavior

N. A. Hooton and A. L. Courtney

Adsorptive Properties of CDE Charcoal Cloth

F. A. P. Maggs, M. E. Smith and G. A. Robins

Measurement of Long-Term Stress-Relaxation in Carbon-Carbon Composites

R. S. Pickering

Friction Characteristics of Some Graphites and Carbon Composites Sliding Against Themselves

E. M. Tatarzycki

The Fatigue Behavior of Thin Carbon Films

H. S. Shim, N. K. Agarwal and A. D. Haubold

Size Effects on Strengths of Glassy Carbon

R. E. Bullock and J. L. Kaae

Correlation of Strength with Physical Properties

W. C. Morgan and F. L. Becker

Effects of Oxidation on the Mechanical Properties of Carbon/Graphite

T. C. Peng

The Effect of Oxidation on the Compressive Strength of Graphite

P. A. Thrower and J. C. Bognet

Tensile Properties of AXF-5Q Graphite

L. D. Fiel, J. T. Gill, J. F. Rosendahl, R. A. McCormack and H. S. Starrett

Elastic Constants of Graphite

C. R. Kennedy

The Room-Temperature Mechanical Properties of Boron-Doped Graphite

M. Eslick and D. J. Bacon

Physical Properties of CDE Charcoal Cloth

F. A. P. Maggs, G. A. Robins and M. E. Smith

Shear Deformation of 3D Carbon-Carbon Composites

J. Jortner

A Study of the Dependence of Physical Properties on Particle Size in Graphite

E. P. Kennedy and C. R. Kennedy

The Temperature Dependence of Elastic Constants of Polycrystalline Graphite

J. D. Buch

Mesophase, Carbonization and Graphitization (MG)

ESR Study of the Kinetics of Carbonization

L. S. Singer and I. C. Lewis

Carbonization of 3.5-Dimethylphenol-Formaldehyde Resin and its Chemical Structure at Mesophase Appearance

Y. Yamashita and K. Ouchi

The Role of Free Radicals and Molecular Size in Mesophase Pitch

I. C. Lewis and C. A. Kovac

Study of Carbonaceous Mesophase through the ESR Spectra of Vanadyl Chelates

Y. Yamada, K. Ouchi, Y. Sanada and J. Sohma

A Rheological Investigation in the Mesophase Region

G. W. Collett and B. Rand

Carbon Formation During Pyrolysis in the Presence of Hydrogen

A. LaCava and D. L. Trimm

Magnetic Orientation Studies of Synthetic Mesophase Pitches

C. A. Kovac and I. C. Lewis

Influence of a Magnetic Field on the Molecular Arrangement of Mesophase Spherules

S. Matsumoto, S. Oi, T. Imamura, N. Nakamizo, Y. Yamada and H. Honda

Disclination Structures in Coke and Graphite

J. L. White and J. E. Zimmer

Structural Characterization of Fine Morphology in Carbon Using High Resolution Electron Microscopy

H. Marsh and D. Crawford

A Phase-Contrast Electron Microscope and Optical Microscope Study of Anisotropic Carbons of Different Optical Texture

R. A. Forrest, M. French, H. Marsh, J. A. Griffiths and J. L. White

Structure of Coke Formed During Thermal Hydrocracking of Athabasca Bitumen

B. N. Nandi, K. Belinko and J. M. Denis

Carbon Microstructural Development at High Pressures

W. Chard and H. Keck

Thermal and Electrical Properties of Petroleum Cokes

E. G. Morris and J. M. Faircloth

Aspects of Formation of Graphitizable Carbons from Blends of Pitch-Like Substances

H. Marsh, I. Macefield and J. Smith

Compatibility of Pitch Fractions in Their Cocarbonization Process

I. Mochida, K. Amamoto, K. Maeda and K. Takeshita

Relationships Between the Characteristics of Petroleum Feedstocks and the Graphitizability of Their Petroleum Cokes

M. Kakuta, M. Kooriki and Y. Sanada

Influence of Sulfur and Metals on Mesophase Formation

S. Oi, T. Imamura, M. Komatsu, Y. Yamada, M. Nakamizo and H. Honda

Isotropic Coke Based on Reactive Tar from Coal Pressure Vaporization

H. Tillmanns and G. Pietzka

Coke Formation Mechanisms in Selected Slurry Oils

H. C. Fritz, H. L. Hsu, L. I. Grindstaff and M. P. Whittaker

Graphitising Carbons from Coal via Solvent Extraction: Effects of Processing Conditions on Product Quality

G. M. Kimber

Thermal Expansion of Microconstituents of Coke

J. E. Zimmer and J. L. White

Thermogravimetric Investigation of the Carbonization of Some Pitches

G. W. Collett and B. Rand

Structural Aspects of Mesophase Materials from Petroleum, Coal and Oil Shale

T. F. Yen

A Kinetic Study of the Transformation Graphite to Linear Carbon Forms by X-Ray Diffraction

A. G. Whittaker

The Effect of Microporosity on Graphitizability of Glassy Carbon

J. L. Kaae

Relation Between Sulfur Content and X-Ray Profile of Coke

Y. Yamada, S. Oi, M. Tsuchitani, M. Honda, K. Shibata, M. Nakamizo and H. Honda

Graphitizability of Carbons Under 5 kbars Pressure

M. Inagaki and S. Naka

Apparent Catalysis of Graphitization. IV. Effect of Titanium

H. N. Murty, D. L. Biederman and E. A. Heintz

Graphitization of Thin Carbon Films

M. Oberlin, J. Goma and A. Oberlin

The Influence of the Type of Quinoline Insolubles on the Quality of Coal Tar Binder Pitch

D. R. Ball

Use of Petroleum Residues as Binder Pitches - Relation of Fixed Carbon and Softening Point of Pitch with Component Properties and Correlation of Binding Power with Fixed Carbon of Its Components

H. Tanaka, T. Tano, E. Kitajima, Y. Yamada and H. Honda

Chemical Changes during the Mild Air Oxidation of Pitch

J. Barr and I. C. Lewis

Pyrolysis Mechanism as Studied by Electron Microscopy, DTA, IR and ESR

A. Oberlin, M. Villey, A. Combaz, P. Rouxhet and R. Setton

The Process of Carbonization and Graphitization of Petrographic Components of Hard Coals. Part I. Properties and Structure and the Coking Process of Petrographic Components of Hard Coals

S. Jasienko and H. Kidawa

The Process of Carbonization and Graphitization of Petrographic Components of Hard Coals. Part II. The Changes of Properties and Structure of Cokes from Petrographic Components in the Process of Graphitization

S. Jasienko and H. Kidawa

Micromechanics and Modeling (MM)

The Effect of Aligned Matrix Material on the Mechanics of Cracked Fibers

E. L. Stanton

A Physically Based Analytical Tensile Model for Carbon-Carbon Composites

J. S. Evangelides

Application of Fracture Mechanics for C/C-Composites

E. Fitzer and K. Karlisch

Correlation of a Physically Based Statistical Theory of Fracture with Full Scale Ground Tests of Reentry Nosetips

J. D. Buch, J. G. Crose, R. L. Holman and T. E. Mack

Effects of Fiber Choice and Weave Geometry upon Cylindrical Weave Carbon/Carbon

J. J. Kibler

Nonlinear Finite Element Analyses of Reentry Vehicle Graphite Nosetips

T. E. Mack and J. G. Crose

Analytical Relationships Between Bulk Density and Pore Size in 3D Carbon-Carbon Composites

J. Jortner

Application of the Jones/Nelson Nonlinear Stress-Strain Law to Reentry Graphite Survival Predictions

R. L. Holman, J. G. Crose and J. D. Buch

Characterization of Carbon/Carbon Composites

R. J. Diefendorf

Nuclear Applications (N)

The Theory of Irradiation Damage in Graphite

B. T. Kelly

The Application of Chemical Rate Theory to Fast Neutron Irradiation Damage in Graphite. II. The effect of thermal annealing and thermal equilibrium defect concentrations

B. T. Kelly

The Structure of Graphite Resulting from He-Ion Injection

A. S. Rao and D. J. Bacon

Experiments on the Concentration Dependence of Strontium Diffusion in Graphite

L. R. Zumwalt and P. T. Williams

Inert Gas Permeability of Pyrocarbon Coatings

C. S. Morgan, W. P. Eatherly and G. L. Powell

B4C/Graphite Pellets for Nuclear Reactor Shutdown Systems

W. K. Alexander, A. E. Goldman and H. D. Schlesselman

Nuclear Graphites Based on Coal Tar Pitch Behaviour Under Neutron Irradiation Between 400 and 1400 °C

P. Mottet, A. Fillatre, R. Schill, G. Micaud, J. Lore and P. Cornuault

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